Joining the TRF is easy if you follow these simple steps:

1. If you have not registered to use the website you will need to do so first here. You might find this guide to registration useful.

2. Once you have registered and set your user name and password, please return to this join online page once you are logged in.

3. Complete our online application form.
[ please note you do not have to select a group, however, it is advisable to be linked to a group, as you will appear on their lists to receive information. You can be in a group even if you do not attend meetings etc.] If you don't want to attend a group please select "None" in the Group drop-down box

4. The online system will take you to PayPal for making your payment. Please ensure that you click the link to return to the website to complete the process.

5. If you prefer paper and post to the online method, you can download our postal application form here.

6. Membership is valid for 12 months from date of joining.

and now you are done

Your application will be sent to the Membership Secretary who will add your details to the database, usually within a few days.

Once your details have been added, you will have access to the Members Area of the website, next time you login.

The Membership Secretary will send your membership details in the post which will include your Membership Number.

You should then be fully up and running and on behalf of THE organisation that represents trail riding, we all welcome you and thank you for your support.