Horses and Trail Riders don't mix. Do they?

England & Wales enjoy approximately 100,000 miles of public rights of way.

Horse riders have access to approximately 20,000 miles.

Trail riders can access approximately 6,000 miles.

The TRF encourage all our members to show horses and their riders the courtesy and consideration that they would expect in return.

Animals and vehicles can both enjoy and share the countryside with a little common sense and respect.


Our Code of Conduct, by which all members agree to adhere to, provides guidance on how to behave whilst trail riding. We often encounter horses and special consideration is given to this within our guidelines. Read more here.

The TRF work to conserve and retain our existing access to England and Wales' public rights of way. Every green road that we retain can be accessed by horse riders, and many that we don't are often reclassified as Bridleways.

Here are a few examples of how we promote positive values and behaviour within our membership...

For more information about how the TRF work with horse riders and equestrian organisations please get in touch